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Welcome to Just4FunTack.com
Hand Crafted Tack for Trail Riders - Made by a Trail Rider
Affordable - Mix and Match - Versatile Trail Tack - Horse Jewelry
Heavy Duty Nylon - Beta - Biothane
Mix and Match cheek pieces - browbands- halters to create your own look.

PLEASE NOTE:   I will be gone on vacation the month of December. So will not be able to do custom orders at that time.  Please see my Ebay items that are ready made and ready to ship.

     Featuring our Own Custom Engineered Design Trail Endurance Snap-On Bling Browbands-

  • Create your own endurance trail halter bridle combo from your existing tack
  • Bling up a bridle, halter or hackamore using the same browband!
  • Accomodates a wide range of widths of halters and bridles
  • Engineered interior poll piece slots on the browband that help keep your browband in place on rope, webbing, biothane or leather


Buy just one piece or a complete set with bridle, reins and breastcollar.
Lots of style, material, color, jewelry and concho options !

A Great Gift Idea for your Trail Riding Friends!
Hand Crafted in Texas!

Be sure and check out my Ebay lisings - Pay Less than Cost of Materials for Promotional  Sale Items that were made as examples of use of trim, style or materials,  or used  less expensive jewelry /materials to keep the costs down or in some cases were returned due to wrong size.  INTERNATIONAL BUYERS - I am signed up for EBAY GLOBAL SHIPPING, so my Ebay items can be shipped internationally using Ebay to qualifying countries OR even better get a free USA forwarding account so you can buy from several USA merchants and bundle all together in one shipment  with this  Shipping Serivce where international customers can get a US forwarding address to consolidate shipments and save on shipping  click the following link https://bongous.com/
   Check out the "Specials Section", it is a great way to try something out or add more vareity to your horse wear without spending a lot of money.

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We also can make most any tack item that you see listed for horses
in Miniature Horse and Pony Sizes! Just send us an email! 

Need a rope halter for your Llama - we make those too.