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Western, Southwestern, Aztec Trim

I am trying to make at least one browband using all of my trim, so people can see examples of what trim and material I have available to make something. If you don't see a trim or style that you like in one album, try the next one. I have literally hundreds of rolls of trim and I make a lot of different styles of browbands and tack. After buying tack for almost 40 years of my adult life, I acquired a huge collection of brands and styles before I started making my own tack for myself and my friends to enjoy to help put some more fun into riding .

I am only setup to sell to PayPal confirmed accounts where I can ship by USPS Priority Mail in the USA. I can post items on Ebay and sell internationally through Ebay Global's shipping program. But it is not free to sell on Ebay and I usually get half or less of what the total amount the buyer pays.

I am currently having to rebuild my online shopping cart and it's photo gallery, so it is not even close to being complete. Please see my Facebook photo galleries for more pictures of trim.

Please feel free to PM me or contact me directly at Carol@Just4FunTack.com with questions.

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