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 This website is undergoing major maintenance work over the next couple of weeks to fix my shopping cart and load my online photo gallery that was destroyed during a software upgrade.

Thankfully my Facebook photo albums with hundreds of photos was unaffected. So Please check out my Facebook page to see hundreds of examples of trim I have as well as styles of tack I have made..

Please email me at carol@Just4FunTack.com or ctarabians@ctarabians.com  for questions!

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I have hundreds of different trims that cover a lot of different styles such as: Western, Native American Indian, Southewestern , Aztec, Barqoue, Celtic, Sparkling bling with jewels/crystals/metallic tinsel, fun trims of wild animal prints and many others.  

I have bought a lot of tack over my almost 40 years of my adult life owning/breeding and raising horses. I am always coming up with improvements of "popular" brand tack or just adding more versatility or bling to these big name brand style tack pieces.


I sell piece parts, repair parts and more. If you can think of it, I can probably make it for you. If you are like me you already have a tack room packed with bridles and stuff. So just buy the parts you need to make an old bridle or tack set look extra fancy and new. 

I welcome email custom inquires. The happiest customers are ones that don't buy "off the shelf" but contact me to work with them to make that special piece of tack that you need.  

I make tack in Bioplastics Beta(leather look)and Biothane(patent leather look) and their semi-gloss(dressed english look) webbing;  Weaver Leather high quality nylon as well as their beautiful synthetic colored webbing.    I have Stainless Steel, Solid brass, and the usual plated nickle over a non-rusting metal that is on most commercial tack so you can pick and choose where you need to keep costs down.  I also can get specialized buckles, conchos, and hardware as needed for special projects. 

Most items are made close to the cost of materials, with a little extra charged to cover misc charges that I have to pay such as website charges; taxes , equipment purchases.

I use PayPal for invoices and sending out merchandise. You must have a PayPal account with a verifed shipping address.
Sorry at this time, I cannot ship to any other country but the USA except rhough posting my items on Ebay and using their Global shipping program.

Each item is custom made to order, by a horse person for horse people.

I am currently rebuilding my online photo gallery of example work and trim here: Online Photo gallery
But for now, my Facebook photo albums have several hundred more photos and some of the more recent trims that I have bought. https://www.facebook.com/Just4FunTack

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